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Improve your Spanish while surfing the Web

with Language Learning Express (Lex)

    A language learning tool
Lex is a language learning tool with which you can use authentic texts on the Web for studying various languages. There are Lex sessions for English, French, Spanish, etc.
    Surfing the Web
To improve your Spanish you use Lex to surf the Web to find an interesting site in Spanish. Then you use different Lex functions to explore the texts on that site.
    One click lookup
To look up a word on a web page, you just click on it. That one click will cause the word to be looked up in multiple dictionaries, both monolingual and bilingual.
After you have looked up a word you may think you'll remember it for ever. That is not always the case though. By saving the word in the glossary you can continue to work on it.
    Glossary exercise
By running gap-filling exercises on the words in the glossary you can easily learn new words and thereby expand your vocabulary.
To really know a word you must learn how to pronounce it. With Lex you can easily listen to the pronunciation of a word in the glossary or on a web page.

  Highlight words
You can highlight words on a web page in different colors and by switching the colors on and off make certain words stand out and thereby learn how they are used in context.
    Text exercise
You can easily turn highlighted words on a web page into gaps and create a gap-filling exercise and by running the exercise you'll learn the words in an easy and entertaining way.
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  Lex is also a great tool for doing research on the Web

Lex is an efficient tool for searching the Web, especially if you want to look up words along the way. Since a Lex session consists of two sets of tab windows you can click through the links of a search engine result page in one tab window and view the "linked to" sites in another tab window. When you find a site that you are interested in you can leave it in its tab window and keep on looking for other sites in a new tab window. In that way you will end up with a number of tab windows with sites that you find interesting.
    Saving the result
When you are satisfied with the web sites that you have found you can save the entire session with all its tab windows containing interesting web sites.
    Continue searching
By restarting the saved session you can go back to review the sites that you were interested in or you can continue to search and add more sites to the session.
  Click the Download button to download a trial version of Lex or click the Learn More button if you first want to learn more about Lex.

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