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Spanish Verb Conjugation Exercise

Language Learning Express, or Lex for short, is a language learning tool for working on authentic material on the World Wide Web. Lex can be looked upon as a web browser with special features for language learning. With Lex you can, among other things, turn a web page into a gap-filling exercise. So if you visit a web page with verb conjugation tables you can easily turn it into a gap-filling exercise.

Below follows a step-by-step description of how to create a gap-filling exercise on a web page containing Spanish verb conjugation tables. It is much easier to follow the description if you download Lex and perform the steps yourself. Click the Download button to download a trial version of Lex.

Lex can be setup to study different languages by starting different Lex sessions. In this example we will start the
Spanish session which, as all Lex sessions, consists of a set of tab windows. Then we click on the verbix tab window, which contains the site. There you enter the verb that you want to conjugate and click GO.

The conjugation table shows up in a tab window in the lower main window. See the snapshot below. Then you mark the words that you want to turn into gaps by using the right-click menu. With just a few more clicks you can then turn the marked words into gaps to create a gap-filling exercise.

The two-step process of first marking the words and then turning them into gaps is described below.

1.  Marking - the first step to create a gap-filling exercise

To mark a number of words you just right-click on a selection of words and select "Mark" and then select your marking of choice. In this example one column of words have already been marked with "Mark 1"  (yellow) and another one is about to be marked. If you only want to mark some words of the selected words you should hold down the Ctrl key while making the selection. Then a hatched rectangle appears that shows which part of the selection that will be marked.

2. Turn the marked words into gaps to actually create the gap-filling exercise

When you click on the "Exercise" button on the toolbar of the lower main window a small popup menu will appear. If you select "Create Exercise" on that popup menu a Text Exercise Setup window will open in the upper main window as in the example below.

By checking and unchecking the check marks in that window you can switch the highlighting of the marked words on and off and you can turn the marked words into gaps and create a gap-filling exercise.

3. Run the gap-filling exercise

After you have turned the marks into gaps you click on the "Start" button to start the gap-filling exercise. That will cause the Text Exercise Setup window to be replaced by a Scoreboard window as you can see in the snapshot below.

Then you just have to fill in the gaps and for each gap you will get visual feedback in the Feedback section of the Scoreboard. If you need some help you can get that from the Aid section and you will naturally get your score from the Score section. Click here to read more about Feedback, Aid and Score.

In the gap-filling exercise below the four first words have been filled in correctly. The fifth word has been filled in incorrectly. The program gives feedback and waits for another try.

3. Save the gap-filling exercise

After you have created a gap-filling exercise you can save it on your computer. Then you can later on run the exercise locally and as you learn more advanced conjugations you can extend the saved exercise by marking more columns.

Click the Download button to download a trial version of Lex or click the Learn More button to learn more about Lex.

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